Support around the clock - a matter of course. Our midwives are there for you at all times and will accompany you throughout the whole process.

The announcement

As soon as the contractions start regularly, the amniotic sac has ruptured or you feel unsure or unwell, call our maternity ward (T +41 41 784 03 40). At any time and during 24 hours. A midwife will clarify with you on the phone how you can proceed and whether you should already enter the clinic.

The birth

The intense expectations before the big event are a very special, indescribable time. The birth is imminent. Our well-rehearsed team is ready for you. The calm atmosphere in our maternity ward will help you to feel comfortable. You can relax, while the midwife will specifically respond to your wishes. You can confide in her and concentrate fully on the birth.

Your gynaecologist is responsible for the overall management of the birth in close cooperation with the midwife. As long as you and your baby are well, you can give birth in the most comfortable position for you. If you wish, we can use various alternative methods before, during and after the birth.

During a caesarean section, the anaesthetics team will monitor your heart activity and circulation. We usually perform a spinal anaesthesia. This allows you to experience the birth of your child in full consciousness.

Your partner or the accompanying person may of course be present during the birth and also during a caesarean section.

Equipment of our birthrooms

The AndreasKlinik Cham Zug has three modern delivery rooms with a delivery tub, a delivery island and a delivery stool. This gives you as an expectant mother the greatest possible freedom of choice. As long as you and your baby are doing well, you decide in which position you want to give birth. 


The first hours after birth are very important for you and your baby. With us, your baby stays with you all the time. The midwife promotes bonding and supports you during breastfeeding. You too will be particularly receptive for your baby after the birth. In this sensitive phase, the unique relationship between the baby, the mother and the father develops.