All pregnant women who would like to have a natural birth have the option of an in-depth discussion with an experienced midwife. Please contact us if you would like to avail yourself of this service. Women with a planned caesarean birth will receive their information discussion during the admission preparations.

The discussion

In discussion with the midwife, we ask you about your medical history and make a note of it. Please bring your blood group card with you. We discuss your wishes, fears and perceptions of the coming great event. We would be pleased to show you the birth ward if you have not already seen it.


Please register at your leisure from the 36th week of pregnancy by phone on +41 41 784 03 40. If possible, you will receive an appointment on the same day. If births are in progress, we will look together for the nearest possible date for the midwife consultation. This is confidential and free of charge.