In our clinic you have the possibility of being cared for in a higher insurance class for an additional charge. With such an upgrade, you will enjoy a more comfortable room with more privacy for you and your baby as well as a range of additional amenities and more flexible medical services.

The AndreasKlinik Cham Zug offers patients with semi-private or private insurance different service packages according to their needs. With private insurance you automatically benefit from exclusive Hirslanden Privé additional services and other attractive offers. The services provided by Hirslanden Privé go beyond those of a private insurance. You will find the corresponding benefits by insurance class below.

Even without supplementary insurance, you have the option of benefiting from the additional services of private and semi-private insurance. An upgrade is necessary for this.

Change in insurance-class

With the upgrade possibility you are able to enjoy your stay with the services and comfort of half-private or private service.

Upgrade costs
From Basic to Private CHF 3100
From Semi-private to Private CHF 2600  

The amounts listed for an upgrade will help for spontaneous births as well as for caesarean sections. These prices also apply if a medically justified longer period of hospitalization becomes necessary after the birth.

Do you have any questions or requests?
Your doctor and our Patient Admissions will be happy to provide you with detailed information about the advantages, conditions and costs of changing insurance.

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