A complex organ

As the first instrument of contact with the world around us, our hands are very specialised organs for the human being. The conditions affecting the hand can be very diverse and require extremely precise treatment. In case of accident, for example, rapid surgical intervention allows for better recovery of strength and mobility, considerably reducing the healing period. With this in mind, the surgeons at the Clinique des Grangettes have established a collaboration with the emergency services, in order to treat patients who have suffered a traumatism of the wrist or hand. Fractures and wounds (often at the origin of lesions on the tendons, nerves and arteries) and animal bites are often taken on by the emergency services, which has access to a specialist at all times.

All other surgical problems affecting the hand, like carpal tunnel syndrome (compression of the wrist's median nerve, resulting in loss of the hand's sensitivity), retraction or deformation of the hand due to arthrosis or Dupuytren's contracture, trigger finger, tendinitis and ligament instabilities are also treated by specialists at their offices at the Clinique.