The children's emergency department of the Clinique des Grangettes in Geneva is the largest private pediatric consultation and emergency service in Switzerland. The presence of specialists in numerous pediatric fields allows for optimal and complete management of emergencies.

A center open 7 days a week

With its modern structure adapted to the specific needs of parents, the center offers complete medical and surgical coverage.

Open to all patients, including those with only basic insurance, the pediatric center provides emergency consultations for both medicine and pediatric surgery from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., 7 days a week, without the need to make an appointment in advance. Emergencies benefit from the infrastructure available on site. The pediatric radiology unit and the presence of specialists in many pediatric fields allow for optimal and complete care of emergencies.

An aquarium in the heart of the building

The circular building surrounded by water with its modern architecture attracts the eye from the road to Chêne, but the real surprise is inside with an incredible central aquarium on the three floors of the building, the largest in French-speaking Switzerland (ten meters high). All the fish come from the African lake Taganyika, whose basin reproduces the ecosystem. This unique construction offers a welcome distraction to all children who arrive at the center and forget that they are in a hospital.

Virtual reality, a tool to fight pain

Since 2020, the Pediatric Emergency Room at the Clinique des Grangettes has been using a "virtual reality" headset to help children and adolescents relax during medical care. This technology allows them to be immersed and actively distracted during care that might otherwise be difficult. This tool can be used alone or in conjunction with light procedural sedation. The goal is to reduce pain and anxiety in children.

The use of virtual reality is part of a broader desire for early and multimodal management of pain and anxiety in care, particularly by training our teams in therapeutic communication or by setting up early pain management protocols.

The theme of "pain and anxiety management" is a subject that particularly affects the pediatric emergency teams. To this end, they have created a working group to meet and discuss this topic. Since then, many initiatives have been put in place over the last few years and the teams continue to develop new approaches and train their colleagues.

Pre-graduate training

In partnership with the ESAMB (HES ambulance), the pediatric emergency room of the Clinique des Grangettes welcomes ambulance students on site in order to carry out a pre-graduate training course.

The students in the faculty of medicine of the UNIGE also have the possibility to train during one month at the Clinique des Grangettes within the framework of the internship in pediatrics. The Clinic is thus recognized by the HES and the UNIGE as a training site.

Post-graduate training

A job in the Pediatric Emergency Department is recognized as a year of post-graduate training validated for obtaining the title of specialist in Pediatrics. In this context, the Pediatric Emergency Department welcomes clinical leaders from the Hospital to complete their training in pediatrics.

Physician trainers

The team of specialists is made up of doctors who are involved in the UNIGE and the ESAMB and who participate in teaching at these two institutions.

Nursing training

All nurses in the pediatric emergency department hold a diploma issued by the American Heart Association called PEARS (pediatric emergency assessment recognition and stabilization).

This diploma attests to the completion of a course that enables the assessment and management of children in distress. Internal training sessions are also organized every three months to simulate resuscitation. Finally, the nursing team has extensive expertise in wound care and pain management.

Pediatric emergencies
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Bâtiment F du Centre d'urgences pédiatriques à Genève avec un aquarium