The Clinique des Grangettes has modern equipment featuring all the latest technological advances to help with personalised check-ups that can detect some pathologies before the symptoms even become visible.

We will be happy to help you organize a medical check-up personnalized to your needs. We offer a check-up corresponding to the most recent European and American recommendations based on recent scientific evidence (World and European Congress of Cardiology in Paris; US Preventive Taskforce).

This Check-up is carried out by an academic team with the highest level of competence in this field. After the exams, each patient will benefit from a personalized summary of the results.

Our doctors will offer you a personnalized medical program which may include:

  • A radiological examination
  • A detailed laboratory examination (urine and blood)
  • A cardiological examination
  • An ophthalmological assessment
  • ENT assessment
  • Genetic counseling
  • Therapeutic proposals with detailed follow-up plan
  • Depending on the extent of the investigations, hospitalization in a junior suite (approximately 3 days).

Additional specialist examinations can be organized in collaboration with the doctor.
Company check-ups can be organized on request.


Check-ups (prevention field - preventive examinations) are generally not covered by insurance. On the other hand, the Hirslanden International Geneva department does not apply the Tarmed / International pricing for healthcare services.

We invite you to contact your insurance to find out which exams would be reimbursed.

Medical Check-up
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