At the Clinique des Grangettes, outpatient examinations and treatment are invoiced at the basic (mandatory) insurance rate. So complementary insurance is not needed for an examination as an outpatient (without a stay at the hospital).


The situation is different in the case of a hospital stay. The real cost of care is actually the same in both the private and public sectors.   But the basic insurance only pays about 30% of the hospital expenses in total. In the public sector, the remaining balance (i.e., the rest of the actual bill) is covered by subsidies from the state.

Private hospitalisation receives no subsidies from the state. In the private sector, the patient will pay for the costs corresponding to his or her hospitalisation.

Complementary insurance – paid by the patients – replaces the state subsidies and covers the difference between the part that is covered by the basic insurance and the total real cost of care.

Relations with Swiss health insurers

If you have private or semi-private complementary insurance, and if your insurer has an agreement with our establishment, that insurer will send us a guarantee of coverage for the cost of your stay before your admission to the hospital.

We do have to inform you that certain insurers only send this guarantee as a goodwill gesture and only to insured patients who insist on receiving it. We therefore advise you to request this document from your insurance company as soon as possible and to check whether it has been sent to us.

At any rate, you have the right to request at least that your insurance company send a recent certification that clearly shows what type of coverage you have.

In the absence of such documents – i.e., guarantee of coverage or a recent and complete certificate from your insurance company – the Clinique will require a down payment on admission.

Do you have any other questions regarding the advantages of using a private hospital?

List of the main insurance companies that collaborate with the Clinique des Grangettes:

  • Assura
  • Concordia
  • CSS
  • Helsana
  • Intras
  • Mutuel
  • RVK
  • Sanitas
  • Supra
  • Swica
  • Visana

Please be careful of the complementary insurances with hospital lists.

These lists change all the time on the whim of the insurance companies. When taking out this kind of insurance, you have no guarantee of finding care at an establishment of your choice and with the doctor of your choice.

Important note on innova

As of 1 January 2021, innova will no longer cover the full costs in the Hirslanden Group clinics for insured persons in the semi-private and private wards. Of course, all patients with basic insurance will continue to have access to our services.


Do you have other questions regarding coverage during your stay? Our reservation service would be happy to answer them.

Maternity ward: +41 22 305 01 14
Surgery: +41 22 305 06 44