The Fondation des Grangettes is a private non-profit foundation presided over by Professor André-Pascal Sappino. It has been recognised as a public-benefit organisation by the Swiss federal government. It first started its work in June 2003 in Geneva as an initiative launched by the Clinique des Grangettes.

The mission of the Fondation des Grangettes

The Fondation des Grangettes aims to support medical research and provide teaching, while offering training in medical and paramedical fields. In a world in which illness and care are constantly evolving, it is crucial for the sake of public health,  that we keep on developing and doing a better job sharing our knowledge.  The Grangettes Foundation's duty is to make some very concrete contributions to the medical progress that must continue to be made in these fields.

Who manages the foundation's assets?

A foundation board performs all the necessary and complementary tasks needed to govern the organisation. It guarantees rigor and transparency in the management of the foundation and monitors whether it is in tune with the mission it was given by the founder.

The foundation board is assisted by a scientific committee, which is tasked with assessing the quality and relevance of the research or training projects proposed to the Fondation in order to receive grants. It makes sure the projects accepted by the foundation are of high quality, and it acts as a guarantor vis-à-vis the donors.

The Fondation's activities so far

Ever since it was created, the foundation was able to finance the significant research work of two radiologists who focus on two very specialised areas, namely imaging of the locomotor system, and female imaging.  Thanks to the support of the Foundation, these two doctors participated in several research projects in their fields and enriched the body of knowledge of medical imaging in particular.  They have been invited to various conventions and published various groundbreaking articles in collaboration with other doctors.  Some of their research work has been rewarded with the distinction "cum laude"  and "magna cum laude " at the European Convention on Radiology in 2004, which was held in Vienna.

Thanks to the support of Mrs Caroline Ferrero Menut, the Foundation was able to open a centre for phytodrugs in Haiti. The facility is located in Hinche, the main city on the Central Plateau,  about 115 kilometres from Port-au-Prince. Fourteen types of plants are cultivated there on a surface area of about 100 hectares. They are used to produce six drugs that contribute to treating 80% of the health problems encountered  that country, i.e.: gastritis, mycosis, coughing, malaria, vaginal infections, diabetes. The medication is sold for a very low price to the inhabitants – a few centimes – to ensure the auto-financing of the laboratory and above all, for the drugs to be available to everyone in Haiti.

The Foundation's projects

Today, the Fondation des Grangettes would like to become involved in and developing particular research and training projects in the following areas of expertise: -   Cardiology
-   Oncology
-   Paediatrics

If you wish to make a contribution to the Foundation des Grangettes, the banking information is as follows:
Credit Suisse SA
Compte n° 341285-71
Clearing: 7835 – Code Swift: CRESCHZZ12A
Code IBAN: CH23 0483 5034 1285 7100 0

For more information, please contact +41 22 305 06 72.