Le robot DaVinci de la Clinique des Grangetttes

Da Vinci robot - a state-of-the-art surgical technology

Since 2008, the Clinique des Grangettes has had the Da Vinci surgical robot on site. This instrument represents an important technological advance and allows a large number of operations to be performed in a minimally invasive manner. The robot increases the precision of the operations and, thanks to its simulator, allows the surgeon to prepare himself in the best possible way for the various operations. In combination with laparoscopy, robotic surgery allows the doctor to have a three-dimensional view during the operation and thus improves his dexterity. This type of surgery has made it possible to reduce post-operative trauma and allows for a shorter and less painful convalescence for the patient.

At the Clinic, the Da Vinci surgical robot is used by gynaecological, urological and digestive surgeons (particularly for the treatment of obesity).