The urology centre at the Clinique des Grangettes, a European centre of reference recognised by the "European Association of Urology", is known for its innovative treatment of incontinence and urinary stones.

A European centre of reference with cutting-edge technology

Recent technological advances mean that urological pathologies can be treated far more efficiently and less invasively than in the past. The urology centre at the Clinique des Grangettes is a leader in this field.

In the case of incontinence, it offers conservative treatment (medication and physiotherapy), or minimally-invasive surgery (reinforcement of the sphincter by placing two balloons at the vesical collar).  Application of this innovative technique earned the unit the "centre of reference" distinction from the "European Association of Urology." The operation is mostly performed on an outpatient basis.

The urology centre also offers less invasive surgical treatment for prostate conditions. Use of the Laser KTP Green Light Laser 120W permits, for instance, procedures similar to standard resections but reducing the number of potential complications. In addition to classic interventions, the urology centre also performs surgical procedures with robotic assistance to treat prostate issues.

Urinary stones are most often treated with medication, but emergency care is also done if there is a risk of infection. The centre is actually open seven days a week. Better yet, it ensures quick response and general care in case of a urological emergency, thanks to a close collaboration with the emergency services of the Clinique des Grangettes.