Shoulder Surgery Centre

Dr Alexandre Lädermann, Dr Gregory Cunningham and Dr Pierre-Alexandre Laurencet, founders of La Colline Shoulder Centre, offer you multi-disciplinary, personalised management, from your first consultation to the follow-up of your post-operative re-education.

The Shoulder Centre can treat the full range of pathologies that affect the shoulder: trauma (fracture, dislocation), degenerative pathologies (rotator cuff tear, calcifications, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis) and sports pathologies (instability, acromioclavicular separation, etc).

Modern treatment methods make it possible to manage all these different pathologies within the Shoulder Centre, thanks to arthroscopy (shoulder surgery using a camera) or microsurgery.

Pathologies and Treatments

- Instability of the shoulder

- Lesions to the rotator cuff

- Osteoarthritis and total shoulder prostheses

- Frozen shoulder

- Re-education

    Shoulder Centre
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    1205 Genève

    Dr Cunningham +41 22 702 25 81
    Dr Lädermann +41 22 702 20 81
    Dr Laurencet +41 22 702 20 82

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