Clinique La Colline is equipped with the best available technology ensuring that both outpatients and inpatients are provided with an optimal environment.

Operating Rooms

Clinique La Colline's multidisciplinary operating block comprises six operating rooms, all of which meet the most recent standards. In addition, it benefits from state-of-the-art technology permitting computer assisted surgery for knee and hip prosthesis. Neurosurgery benefits from the same technology and the most up-to-date implantable devices.

The air quality operating rooms is ensured by laminar flow systems with very high levels of filtration. Following surgery, patients are transferred to a recovery room with seven beds and subsequently to a postoperative unit with twelve beds.

The block is open around the clock with capacity for handling emergency cases at any time.

Bloc opératoire

Outpatient Surgical Centre

The Outpatient Surgical Centre is a medical-surgical facility providing outpatient of short-stay operations, treatments and clinical investigations.

Housed within the hospital itself, it is designed to ensure efficiency, quality and safety.

The use of the most recent surgical and anaesthetic techniques allows you to recover quickly and go home on the same day your operation.

The most commonly performed outpatient surgery includes orthopaedic knee, shoulder, hand and foot surgery, gastrointestinal and oesophageal surgery and endoscopy, gynaecological surgery, ophthalmic surgery and ENT.    

Bloc opératoire polyclinique

Endoscopy Centre

Clinique La Colline offers the full range of endoscopic services including gastroscopy, colonoscopy, bile excretory duct and pancreas endoscopy, oesophageal examinations, bronchoscopy and urological endoscopy.

Physicians specialised in endoscopy work closely with surgeons, anaesthetists and radiologists to provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary care and treatment.

A recovery room permits probes to be carried out under general anaesthetic where necessary.

Our qualified endoscopy personnel are on hand to answer your questions and ensure personalised high-quality care.

Accueil polyclinique

Radiology Institute

Thanks to our partnership with ID Imagerie & Développement, we make your life easier and ensure you benefit from our innovative solutions. You will find a full range of services conveniently situated in the one location.

ID Imagerie & Développement is equipped with the best available diagnostic tools, two MicroDose digital mammography systems (emitting a lower dose of irradiation than any other digital mammography system), two MRI scanners, two CT scanners, six ultrasound scanners, three conventional X-ray rooms and all  necessary technology for the procedures (biopsies, drainages, infiltrations, etc).

Use of a modern IT system and a permanent link between the two sites permits our experts to make precise diagnoses in all medical specialities.

Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday from 7.30 am until 6.30 pm non-stop

Friday from 7.30 am until 5.30 pm non-stop

Radiologie Clinique La Colline
Avenue de Beau-Séjour 6
1206 Geneva
+41 22 702 28 33

Medical Analysis Laboratory

In partnership with Unilabs, the hospital medical analysis laboratory performs blood tests and a wide range of medical analyses in a pleasant and comfortable setting.

This makes your treatment easier, regardless of whether you are an outpatient or have already attended the hospital for medical consultation or radiological examination. Our experienced multilingual nurses can take care of you in a comfortable private setting.

Analyses are forwarded immediately to the Unilabs central laboratory,which delivers the results directly to your doctor. In addition, where necessary, analyses can be carried out within the hospital itself with results available in less than fifteen minutes.

Unilabs performs all clinical biology and pathology analyses: clinical chemistry, haematology, serology, immuno-allergology, microbiology, molecular diagnostics, reproductive biology and PMA, special chemistry dedicated to preventive medicine and pathological anatomy and cytopathology.

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday (except public holidays): from 7 am to 3 pm

Home collection service: +41 22 716 20 00

Unilabs Medical Analysis Laboratory
Avenue de Beau-Séjour 6
1206 Geneva
+41 22 702 27 26

Rehabilitation and physiotherapy

The Physiotherapy healthcare network Centre of La Colline offers a range of adapted services and state-of-the-art equipment to help you resume your daily, professional or sports activities.

All types of treatments are offered:

  • General physiotherapy
  • Home-based physiotherapy
  • Shoulder rehabilitation
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation
  • Back therapy

The hospital's balneotherapy pool is ideally suited for shoulder rehabilitation.

Specialists will recommend a specific hydrotherapy treatment should you require it.

The Centre is home to several services:

  • An outpatient unit located at 76A Avenue de la Roseraie and a hydrotherapy unit 6 Avenue de Beau Séjour.
  • Hospitalisation at Clinique La Colline
Piscine Hirslanden Clinique La Colline
Avenue de la Roseraie 76A
1205 Geneva
+41 22 702 24 23

Occupational therapy

The Occupational Therapy Centre located within the La Colline Centre for hand and wrist surgery boasts all technical facilities necessary to allow preoperative procedures and postoperative follow-up.

Occupational therapists put their specific skills and experience at the service of the patient at both pre- and/or post-operative stages by providing a personalised and comprehensive treatment plan.

Ergothérapie main
Avenue de la Roseraie 76A
1205 Geneva
+41 22 702 24 03