CONCORDIA has decided to no longer cover costs in the private or semi-private departments of the AndreasKlinik Cham and Klinik Hirslanden Zurich. It will refuse to grant its patients with supplementary insurance cost coverage for admissions to AndreasKlinik from June 13, 2022 and Klinik Hirslanden from July 18, 2022.

We regret the extensive restrictions for CONCORDIA insured patients resulting from CONCORDIA's unilateral decision. As CONCORDIA has confirmed, their decision also applies to CONCORDIA-insured persons who have to be treated as inpatients after an admission via the emergency station.

Patients of CONCORDIA, who may have paid VVG premiums for years without ever having received hospital services, will now have to bear all VVG costs themselves. For them, there will be massive restrictions in the private and semi-private departments of the two hospitals.

CONCORDIA justifies this decision by saying that the price demands of the two clinics are not justified. The fact is that the hospital tariffs of the Andreas Clinic and the Hirslanden Clinic under negotiation between Concordia and Hirslanden have already been applied unchanged for around four years and were contractually agreed jointly at the time. In the current round of negotiations, Hirslanden has also offered to lower prices despite the experienced cost increase as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic and the current rise in inflation, but Hirslanden rejects CONCORDIA's dumping price strategy vis-à-vis hospitals.

CONCORDIA also cites the intervention of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) to justify its actions and suggests that FINMA has imposed tariff requirements. This is not true. Rather, FINMA has called on hospital service providers to transparently explain their additional services in the area of supplementary insurance. Hirslanden has fully complied with this request and offers FINMA-compliant tariff agreements to all health insurers.

CONCORDIA also does not cover the costs of clinical and comfort-related additional services for patients with supplementary insurance who have been admitted to the clinics as inpatients via the emergency room. Costs for additional services on the occasion of emergency inpatient treatment in a semi-private or private department must be therefore covered by the patients themselves. Concordia does not guarantee full cost coverage. Alternatively, an emergency inpatient admission to the general department must take place without corresponding additional services. If patients nevertheless wish to be treated in a semi-private or private ward but do not wish to bear the costs for the additional services themselves, the unilateral decision of CONCORDIA will necessitate a transfer to another hospital.

We very much regret these massive restrictions for CONCORDIA insured persons. We are available to answer questions and provide advice to CONCORDIA policyholders who have planned or plan to plan an inpatient stay in the private or semi-private ward of AndreasKlinik Cham or Klinik Hirslanden Zurich in the future.

Hirslanden continues to do everything in its power to find a solution and hopes that CONCORDIA will cooperate.

Hotline for CONCORDIA insured persons

Hotline for CONCORDIA insured persons