The Covid-19 vaccination centre at Stadthalle Bülach offers free first, second and booster vaccinations (also called “booster jabs”). Booster vaccinations are available to people who are aged 16 or over, who live in the Canton of Zurich and have been fully vaccinated for at least six months.

The Hirslanden Group operates the Covid-19 vaccination centre in Bülach on behalf of the Canton of Zurich. The cantonal vaccination centre offers the two mRNA vaccines manufactured by Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech. The vaccination centre is located at the Stadthalle in Bülach. It is open every day from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm and has a daily capacity of about 1,000 vaccinations.


Covid-19 vaccination centre Bülach
Stadthalle Bülach
Allmendstrasse 8
8180 Bülach

Opening hours:
Mondays - Saturdays: 8.00 am - 8.00 pm

Registration and booking an appointment

Appointments for first, second and booster vaccinations are possible after prior registration and booking an appointment in the cantonal vaccination tool VacMe. We also offer “walk-ins” without an appointment in advance.

Those who do not have login details for the cantonal vaccination tool or who do not wish to register there can phone the vaccination hotline (0848 33 66 11) to register for a vaccination.

Every person aged 16 or over living in the Canton of Zurich who is registered in the cantonal vaccination tool and has been fully vaccinated for 6 months will be contacted by the Department of Health (Gesundheitsdirektion) by text or letter to invite them to make an appointment for a booster vaccination.

The cantonal hotline at 0848 33 66 11 is open every day from 7.00 am to 11.00 pm to answer questions about the booster vaccination (German, English and French). The phone numbers and opening hours for other languages (Albanian, Italian, Portuguese, Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian and Spanish)can be found on the website of the Canton of Zurich.

By telephone:

If you cannot register online or if you have further questions about COVID-19 vaccination in the canton of Zurich, the vaccination hotline will be happy to help you.

What you must take to your vaccination appointment

Your six-digit code (it can be found on the registration and appointment confirmation)

Your health insurance card

An official ID document

Any additional documents (e.g. a medical certificate)

If you want your vaccination to be recorded in your vaccination certificate (“vaccination passport”) also bring this with you to the vaccination centre.

Vaccination certificate

After the vaccination, the vaccinated person can print a vaccination certificate via the canton’s registration portal (on the web page at the top right under “Login”). The login created for registration (username and password) is used for this purpose. The vaccination certificate records the place and date of the vaccination along with information on the vaccine used (trade name, manufacturer, batch number).

If you have one, also bring your vaccination certificate (“vaccination passport”) with you to the Vaccination Centre so that the vaccination can be recorded.

Covid certificate

The Vaccination Centre does not issue any Covid certificates. This is the responsibility of the canton. You can find further information about the issuing of these certificates on the Department of Health’s website.

Working at the vaccination centre

If you are interested in a job at the Covid-19 vaccination centre Bülach, you can submit an application to the centre’s HR partner Careanesth.

Frequently asked questions

How early should I arrive at the vaccination centre for my appointment?
Earliest admission to the vaccination centre is 20 minutes before the appointment. Please do not arrive earlier so that we can avoid lengthy waiting times.

How long is the stay at the vaccination centre?
The time from your arrival at the Vaccination Centre until your discharge will be about half an hour.

May I bring a companion with me?
People who require assistance may bring a maximum of one person with them as a companion.

May I accompany people to be vaccinated as an interpreter if they do not understand German?
People who do not understand German may be accompanied by an interpreter.

May I take my child with me?
If possible, please do not attend the appointment with your child.

Are there wheelchairs for people with disabilities at the vaccination centre?
Wheelchairs are available at the Centre and the Vaccination Centre staff will help people with disabilities.


Arrival by car:

Parking spaces are available right next to the vaccination centre.

Arrival by public transport:

The “Stadthalle” bus stop (bus 501 and bus 504) is located directly at the entrance to the vaccination centre.

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