Preventive, repetitive testing in plants and institutions can detect asymptomatic Covid 19 cases and break chains of infection early to prevent undetected spread of the virus. We have developed the TOGETHER WE TEST platform to handle this testing.

Repeat testing

It has been shown that broad testing can significantly reduce the incidence rate by detecting not only symptomatic but also asymptomatic virus carriers. Thus, outbreaks can be detected early and infected individuals can be isolated quickly.

For this purpose, Hirslanden has created the platform TOGETHER WE TEST, a solution that coordinates all the necessary elements of testing (materials, logistics, analysis, transmission of results etc). The tests themselves are PCR saliva tests that are analyzed in the laboratory. Using so-called reserve samples, a portion of several saliva samples are first mixed and analyzed as a 'pool'. If a pool is positive, the residual fluid of all affected saliva samples is analyzed individually to identify the individual virus carriers. 

Overview of test types

PCR saliva tests are used for repeat testing. They are simple to manage and can be carried out anywhere by employees themselves. To do so, they rinse their mouth with a little saline solution for 60 seconds and then convey it into a sample tube via a funnel. The individual samples are then sent to the laboratory for analysis.

PCR saliva tests are very reliable and, in contrast to other types of test, offer the ideal basis for screening the mobile population to detect asymptomatic cases of Covid-19. 

Rapid antigen tests can also be used for regular testing at companies. It is however important to know that in this setting these tests are carried out by healthcare professionals. We offer you individually tailored solutions for regular testing with rapid antigen tests as well as for events, meetings or congresses

Overview of the different types of test:


The Covid-19 virus is often transmitted by people without symptoms. These people can be identified via repeat testing, so allowing chains of infection to be interrupted early on. Studies have shown that incidence can be reduced by 20 to 50% with this measure. Repetitive testing, in addition to compliance with hygiene and distance regulations, contact tracing and Covid 19 vaccination, is another way to reduce the spread of the Covid 19 virus. It is important to Hirslanden to contribute to these efforts by means of the online platform "TOGETHER WE TEST" together with the partner companies involved.
As a Swiss national healthcare provider, the Hirslanden Group, together with public and private partners, offers integrated healthcare throughout the course of life, the so-called continuum of care. Alongside prevention, counselling, therapy and after-care, this also involves medical diagnostics, which includes preventive repeat testing.