In many cases, the novel coronavirus is transmitted by people who are asymptomatic. To stop the transmission paths, random and repeated testing is required. Publicly accessible establishments and facilities require a protection concept that complies with the currently applicable provisions. This has to be adapted to the facility.

As a supplement to your protection plan, validated COVID-19 rapid tests listed by the FOPH and performed by professionals provide additional safety for staff, customers and guests. Due to its medical expertise, Hirslanden is able to quickly and easily create a concept that is tailored to your facility. 

We will gladly support you in planning and creating a plan for validated COVID-19 rapid tests listed by the FOPH, performed by professionals, for your company. Whether daily or weekly test slots in the morning, your staff can start working, on site, immediately if their test result is negative. The test results are available within 15 min. PCR tests, required for scheduled business trips, can also be performed conveniently at the company. The tested person will receive the results directly from the lab via email within 24 hours.

An experienced team of project managers ensures that the tests run smoothly on site, organises the medical specialists and handles the operative management.

Our services

  • Project planning and implementation, in particular, medical, staff-related and logistical coordination
  • Set-up of an online registration system (OneDoc)
  • Organisation of medical specialists
  • Performance of validated COVID-19 rapid tests listed by the FOPH


To enable us to perform validated COVID-19 rapid tests listed by the FOPH at your company, logistical requirements are clarified individually with you according to location. The following prerequisites must be met: 

  • Safe performance of the tests in the framework of a protection concept
  • Provision of suitable rooms, including seating
  • Communication with your employees


The company assumes the costs of the validated COVID-19 rapid tests listed by the FOPH according to individual circumstances. The cost structure is comprised of three components: 

  • Set-up fee
  • Individual price per test
  • Personnel expenses

So you can plan flexibly, the staff deployment can vary based on the booking situation. 


With validated COVID-19 rapid tests listed by the FOPH and performed by professionals, Hirslanden supports your preventive measures and provides additional safety for staff, customers and guests. The rapid tests offer you, as a company, the following benefits.

  • Reliable testing by specialist medical staff
  • Reliable results within 15 min.
  • Appointment scheduling via an online tool
  • Fulfilment of the documentation obligation
  • Compliance with data protection provisions
  • Flexible cost structure based on your needs



Customised landing page with all test information and a protection concept for the respective event.

Appointment booking

Book a test slot on the customised event agenda via OneDoc.

Appointment confirmation

Confirmation of your appointment immediately after making a reservation and a reminder by email or text message 24 hours before the test.

On-site registration

ID and scheduled appointment check; transfer to test corner.

Rapid test

Nasopharyngeal swab taken by medical specialists; transfer to waiting area.

Waiting area

The result is available within 15 minutes.

Negative rapid test

The negative test result will be immediately saved to the online system and your COVID certificate is made available to you electronically.

Positive rapid test

The tested person is requested to have a PCR test carried out immediately and to place himself/herself in isolation until the result is available.


If you are interested and would like an offer, please contact our team directly; we will gladly provide you assistance.

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