How much does the test cost?

The test costs (incl. certificate) are covered by the federal government. 

Where can I get tested?

The PCR saliva test can be carried out by participating pharmacies, doctor's surgeries, home healthcare services, laboratories and test centres through Switzerland. The testing sites are listed on the «Pool tests for all» platform and you can select a site there.

Will I receive a Covid certificate?

If a pool tests negative, all persons in this pool automatically receive a COVID certificate by e-mail along with the result. The certificate is valid for 72 hours from the time the sample was taken. The issuing of the certificate is included in the test costs.

If a pool result is positive, the persons tested can undergo individual retesting (PCR or rapid antigen test). The costs are covered by the Confederation. The testing centre issues a COVID certificate in the event of a negative retest.

How long is the certificate valid for?

The Covid certificate is valid for 72 hours from the time the sample is collected.

How long does it take until the result is available?

The result is usually available within 24 hours of the pooled sample being received by the laboratory and is sent to you via email. This only applies to working days; if you take the test on Friday afternoon or on a Saturday, the duration will be longer as the capacity of the laboratories is reduced on weekends.

If you need the certificate on Saturday, you should take the test on Thursday. However, there is no guarantee for the length of time until the result is known. Please also bear in mind that if the pool result is positive, you will also have to take an individual test and this must be negative in order to obtain a certificate.

Which laboratory will my sample be sent to?

We work with a large number of laboratories throughout Switzerland as part of the «Pool tests for all» project. The testing site will send your sample to the nearest partner laboratory to ensure that the result time is as short as possible.

What kind of test is carried out and how long does it take?

Pooled PCR saliva tests are used for the testing process. You will receive a test kit at the testing site, which includes an ampoule of saline solution and a sample tube. You will pour the saline solution from the ampoule into your mouth, rinse with it for 60 seconds (like when using mouthwash) and then transfer the liquid into the sample tube, which you will seal and return to the testing site.

The test is carried out under supervision. Your sample will then be mixed with samples from other people to create a so-called pooled sample.

What does the ampoule with saline solution contain?

The ampoules used are sealed airtight and contain sterile saline solution. These ampoules are also used in other areas of healthcare. The information inserts of the various manufacturers are available here.

How many individual samples are mixed together?

A maximum of ten individual samples are mixed together to form a pooled sample, which is then analysed in a laboratory.

What do I need to bring with me when I get tested?

On site, you will have to prove your identity by means of a passport or ID and also show your health insurance card. 

What if the test result is positive?

If a pool result is positive or invalid (which happens in rare cases), the tested persons can perform an individual retest (PCR or rapid antigen test). Ideally, this retesting should take place at the same testing site. However, all providers throughout Switzerland who offer this service (pharmacies, medical practices, test centres, laboratories, etc.) can also be used.

Retesting is free of charge and a COVID certificate is issued by the testing site in case of a negative result.

To prove that the person has been in a positive or invalid pool, he/she must show the receipt of his/her registration for the pool test (A4 document, sent by e-mail with the registration), as well as passport/ID for identity control and the health insurance card for billing.

Does my registration expire after a certain time?

You can get tested within five days after registering. After that, your registration expires.

Where can I get help with further questions?

You can reach the hotline for «Pooltests for all» at or by telephone on 0800 786 257 (weekdays, 08:00-18:00).