Maternity unit Klinik Im Park

About 600 newborn babies first see the light of day in our labour ward each year. The fundamental philosophy of our labour ward and postnatal ward is to offer comprehensive, patient-specific and family-oriented care. You can also rely on expert and personal support from us before, during and after the birth. The system of affiliated doctors at our Klinik Im Park in Zurich enables you to experience the birth of your child with your trusted doctor. Our experienced team of midwives, nursing staff and doctors works together closely and ensures that you feel secure and cared for.

In addition to the high quality and modern medical infrastructure, our labour ward is characterised by a family atmosphere that conveys a sense of security. Our infrastructure and our team guarantee that you and your newborn will feel safe and secure around the clock. You will receive caring support and advice on the postnatal ward that takes into account your personal needs and those of your baby.

We warmly welcome you to our maternity clinic in Zurich and will do everything to ensure that you and your newborn feel completely at ease.

Your labour ward and postnatal ward team