Professional development

Employee performance reviews – we challenge and support our staff

Our employees can request an annual performance review. During this meeting, their performance and contribution is acknowledged and evaluated and goals are set for the year ahead. This ensures that our employees always know what is expected of them. They also receive regular feedback from us outside the annual performance review.

Furthermore, the performance review gives both parties the opportunity to openly discuss the employee’s professional desires and perspectives. This way, future opportunities for development can be identified earlier and any necessary arrangements can be made. All staff members in management positions request feedback from their teams regarding their management style, which makes it possible for employees to engage in a constructive dialogue with their direct superiors.

We help our employees grow and provide them with opportunities

Our employees have the opportunity to undertake specialist or managerial professional development to further their careers. The structured professional development options are designed to meet our strategic and operational requirements, as well as the relevant healthcare standards. The training of managerial staff is centrally organised.

As part of our group-wide succession planning, we systematically identify potential successors for key positions well ahead of time. This integrated approach means that succession planning is closely tied to staff assessments and managerial and professional development. Wherever possible, we fill leadership positions internally with competent junior employees.