What we offer for employees

Attractive working environment

We unite families and careers

We accommodate flexible working conditions and employment models, which enable both mothers and fathers to combine their professional lives with their family responsibilities. Half of our clinics offer employees flexible work hours and very affordable childcare options for their children.

Good health is key – for our business and our staff

We encourage our employees to actively look after their health and provide a wide range of options for maintaining or improving their physical and mental health.

Benefits for our employees

Hirslanden employees can look forward to a large range of benefits, such as very affordable high-quality catering at our clinics. Coffee, tea and mineral water are free for all members of staff. Additional perks include discounts for shopping and a variety of events and services.

Our wage policy

We remunerate our employees in line with regional market standards and offer attractive social and fringe benefits. We also regularly conduct market comparisons in relation to salaries and conditions of employment.

Conditions of employment


25 days of holiday are paid to the age of 59. From the 60th birthday, a further five days are added.

“Free time plus” employment model

If operationally feasible, we offer our staff the “free time plus” employment model:

  • Version 1: Wage reduction of 2.2% = 5 additional days off
  • Version 2: Wage reduction of 4.4% = 10 additional days off

Loyalty benefits

Hirslanden aims to retain good employees over the long-term and rewards loyalty. From their fifth to their ninth year with us, employees receive two loyalty days per year (additional paid leave). From their tenth to fourteenth year they receive three loyalty days per year, and from their fifteenth year onwards they receive four loyalty days per year.

Health insurance

Hirslanden offers the opportunity to take out insurance from various health insurers at attractive rates.

Pension scheme contributions

The contribution made by Hirslanden to the pension scheme is more than that required by law. We will also support you under the regulations laid down by the BVG in respect of home ownership. We are happy to answer any questions you may have in this regard.

Health and accident insurance

Hirslanden insures all its employees against loss of income caused by illness or accidents, making them eligible to receive financial support for up to a maximum of 730 days.

Maternity leave

Hirslanden employees are entitled to 16 weeks maternity leave commencing at date of birth or earliest two weeks before the date of birth. During maternity leave they receive 80% of their normal salary in the first year of employment, 100% as of the second year.

Wages, 13th monthly wage

If your employment contract stipulates a 13th monthly wage, this will be split and paid out in June and December.


What Hirslanden employees say
  • “Every day you’re presented with new challenges and you can always ask your colleagues for advice. We’re friendly and polite to each other to develop good working relationships.”
  • “There’s a very homely atmosphere. Everyone knows everyone and says hi to each other – regardless of their position at the clinic.”
  • “There’s a great emphasis on teamwork. You work together and take breaks together. Even across different departments. We help each other out and says thanks to each other.”
  • “The company isn’t too big, yet it still covers almost all the different areas of medicine.”
  • “I like working with affiliated doctors. The patients receive really individual care, because they’re attended to by a single doctor. But you do have to be very flexible.”
  • “It’s very fast-paced, but you also have enough freedom and can take on responsibility.”
  • “Independence is both required and actively encouraged. The company trusts its employees.”
  • “They do ask quite a lot of their employees. So it’s a great place for people who really enjoy their jobs. And you also get a lot in return. Tackling new challenges every day is part and parcel of working at Hirslanden."