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When choosing a doctor, semi-privately insured patients benefit from the Hirslanden Préférence range of services: fast access to medical services, continuous care provided by the affiliated doctor and the ability to accommodate the patient’s personal schedule when planning surgeries are just some of the great benefits patients receive with Hirslanden Préférence.

The Hirslanden Group has highly qualified medical specialists with many years of hospital experience. This ensures patients get the same high standard of medical care at all hospitals and centres. Standardized processes, binding procedural policies, and continuous quality checks ensure that the high-quality of care is guaranteed and improved.

As a semi-privately insured patient, you benefit from an extra-high standard of medical care at Hirslanden hospitals: Hirslanden Préférence gives you easy, fast access to the medical specialists and services of your choice.

Hirslanden Préférence patients are treated personally by the affiliated doctor of their choice. Both visits and inpatient care, as well as necessary surgeries, are performed personally by the specialist of your choice. This ensures that, as a Hirslanden Préférence patient, you receive care from a qualified person with interdisciplinary contacts and who is completely familiar with the course of your treatment and individual needs.

Assistant doctors

These doctors hold a medical degree and state certification. These doctors complete several years of further training as specialists, expanding their expertise as specialists both in theory and in practice. During their further training, assistant doctors take on more and more responsibilities, which include receiving the patient, examining them as well as diagnosis and treatment.

Affiliated doctors

These doctors are independent practitioners as practicing doctors, affiliated doctors function as independent entities, though they do make use of the medical infrastructure and interdisciplinary cooperation offered to them by the hospital. 


Specialist doctors hold a medical degree and have completed at least five years of further training. Once they have completed the exam in their area of specialisation, they are entitled to work at one of 45 specialised medical centres. Even after they have completed their training, specialist doctors continuously undergo further training and contribute to research. At the same time, they can acquire skills certifications in various fields and focuses in order to expand their range of professional qualifications.

Senior physicians

Senior physicians are specialists who serve in a leadership capacity at the hospital or medical centre, for example, heading different specialist departments. As such, they are part of the day-to-day activities in the hospital that involve caring for patients and conducting research projects. At the same time, however, they also oversee the activities of the assistant doctors and specialists working in their departments.