The ANQ survey is limited to five questions and thus only gives a global view of patient satisfaction. Furthermore, virtually all Swiss hospitals achieve an above average rate, which reduces the significance of the results. Hirslanden therefore supplements its survey of patient satisfaction with additional questions from the HCAHPS survey (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems). Pronounced “H­caps”, it is the first ever national, standardised and published survey  of patient satisfaction at hospitals in the USA. The HCAHPS questions allow for qualitative responses, which not only leads to a more nuanced picture of patient satisfaction, but also provides valuable pointers for improvement.

The responses to the following question are shown in the graph: “Would you recommend this hospital to your family and friends?” This question is comparable to the first ANQ question.

While the ANQ survey only has one question about nursing care (question 1: “How do you assess the quality of the treatment you received (from doctors and nursing staff)?”), the
HCAHPS survey contains around twelve questions for assessing the interactions between patients and nursing staff. Examples of such questions include “During this hospital stay, how often did nurses treat you with courtesy and respect?” or “How often did the nursing staff make every effort to relieve your pain during your hospital stay?” Hirslanden hospitals scored a good to very good rating for most questions. However, as in previous years a number of questions also showed that there is still potential for improvement.

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