Press Ganey

Press Ganey is an international provider of measurements for patient satisfaction. More than 2,000 hospitals around the world survey their patients with this instrument, including renowned institutions such as the Cleveland Clinic in the USA. Press Ganey was selected by Mediclinic International – the parent company of Hirslanden – as a partner for all MCI platforms (Southern Africa, United Arab Emirates and Switzerland) in 2013.  The goal is to establish a comparable measurement of patient satisfaction across the entire group. Measurements using the Press Ganey method have already been implemented at the hospitals in South Africa and Dubai and have proven successful.

The questionnaire from Press Ganey is also used at the Hirslanden hospitals since 2017 and was adapted as far as possible to the prevailing conditions in Switzerland. Of key importance was the continuing possibility of making an international comparison between the individual group platforms. The questionnaire consists of around 80 questions that cover all relevant aspects, from medical care and nursing to hotel-like facilities and catering.

Each year, the patient surveys illustrate the potential for further improvements and developments in patient treatment and are thus an important element in increasing patient benefits.

Measurements using the Press Ganey method allow this continuous improvement process to be implemented in an even more consistent fashion:

  • Measurement is no longer carried out intermittently (once or twice per year), but instead on an ongoing basis with each patient receiving the questionnaire. This makes the results even more conclusive.
  • Uniform, standardised measurement allows international benchmarks to be established across all Mediclinic platforms and beyond.
  • The results are analysed more systematically than before in order to derive goals and improvement measures from them.
  • Learning from the best (best practice) is facilitated and promoted between the three Mediclinic platforms.

As the assessment of patient satisfaction by Press Ganey was only started at all Hirslanden hospitals in April 2017, there is no comprehensive pool of data available for this year’s quality report. The results of the patient satisfaction assessment based on Press Ganey will be available for each Hirslanden hospital in the 2017/18 quality report.