Hansueli Bieri

Hansueli Bieri is fighting an advanced stage of lung cancer. So far he has been able to keep the disease under control with the help of immunotherapy and he is consciously enjoying life – whether it’s sharing a delicious meal with friends, playing golf or working at his long-standing job.

Lakeside relaxation
Hansueli Bieri enjoys spending time at lakes. Between the ducks and the joggers that pass by from time to time, he can recharge his batteries and find a sense of peace and tranquillity. No-one asks him how he’s doing. Hansueli Bieri doesn’t like it when people ask him that. “It’s easy to see when I’m doing well and when I’m not, so people don’t really need to ask a lot of questions.”

Quality time together
Hansueli Bieri has been fighting lung cancer for several years. For him, giving up isn’t an option. Instead, he consciously enjoys spending time with his friends and family, going to work and playing golf. Friendships are important to him and he loves entertaining guests: “I really enjoy having people over. If my sister can’t come over for dinner, I ring the next person – someone always has time!” grins Bieri.