Quality management at Hirslanden is based on the “Business Excellence” model of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). This model serves to evaluate and define the position of all hospitals and to guarantee the co-ordinated, result-oriented development of all the group divisions.

It was borne of an initiative by 14 CEOs from well­-known European companies in 1988 with the support of the European Commission. Its objective was – and still is – to strengthen the competitiveness of European companies. The EFQM model covers five “enabler” criteria and four “results” criteria that together reflect the intrinsic causalities that exist within a company.

The “Business Excellence” model has meanwhile developed into Europe’s most widespread quality instrument for companies. The first clinics from the Hirslanden group of private clinics already implemented the EFQM model in 2004 for self-assessment purposes, with the entire group oriented to it in the interim.

The EFQM model primarily serves companies with regard to their self-evaluation. However, there is also the option of third-party evaluation through external assessors specialised in the model’s application. They are able to accurately assess the extent to which a company fulfils the model’s specified criteria.

Hirslanden is convinced that its orientation along the lines of EFQM “Business Excellence” contributes permanently to the success of not only the individual clinics, but also to that of the entire group. The success is not limited to achieving the qualitative and economic targets – high customer and staff satisfaction as well as the fulfilment of social responsibility are also part of it.