Excellence Label

The “Medical Centre of Excellence, Certified Quality Management”, 3*, 2*, or 1* is the name of the certification conducted by SQS for medical centres of expertise.  The three-tiered CMC label supports the incremental development of medical organisations and their employees. The label is based on a model of maturity degree specifically aligned to medical centres.

The following criteria are analysed on the basis of performance criteria:

  • Normative level
  • Centre management
  • Centre strategy
  • Centre development
  • Employee acquisition and development
  • Partnerships
  • Financial resources
  • Technical and electronic equipment / infrastructure
  • Data
  • Access to the centre
  • Handling of medical emergencies
  • Patient assessment / diagnostics / patient information
  • Patient treatment
  • External communication
  • Error management / patient safety
  • Continuous improvement, quality development
  • Key results