ISO 9001

The Hirslanden Private Hospital Group is committed to professional process management based on the ISO 9001:2015 standard. This process standard for service providers applies to all Hirslanden hospitals and the Corporate Office, meaning all of these business units also have ISO certification. Adherence to the standard is verified annually at all hospitals in the Group through external audits.It normally takes around 15 months to prepare for ISO certification – a period that involves analysing, documenting and placing all business processes into context with each other. The result is a process­oriented representation of the hospital. Establishing and documenting a continual improvement process is equally important. The ISO 9001:2015 standard is based on the so-called Deming circle: a process is first planned and then implemented. The outcome is subsequently reviewed, and the process is corrected or adjusted if necessary.

Certification is confirmed annually by means of an external audit. The internal and external audits together also provide important pointers for optimising potential in our hospitals, the exploitation of which forms part of the on­going improvement process.


EN 15224:2012

The new European standard EN 15224:2012 “Health care services – Quality management systems” has been in place since 2012 and will be implemented as part of pilot projects.

The European standard EN 15224:2012 applies to service providers in healthcare and uses industry­specific terminology. Moreover, it formulates three particular requirements for the healthcare industry:

  1. clinical process and risk management,
  2. a staffing term to encompass all employees involved in patient care, and
  3. patient safety, which is defined as an “all­embracing” objective. Although compliance with this standard naturally centres around core clinical processes, it also pertains to non­medical areas such as administration.