Hirslanden Préférence service benefits at a glance

Hirslanden Préférence offers patients with semi-private supplementary insurance an extra level of comfort and the option to make personal requests during their treatment. In addition to the comprehensive range of Hirslanden services, Hirslanden Préférence offers you some extra services as well. Here is a complete overview of the services.

Free choice of doctor

Whether it is your assisting doctor or specialist, Hirslanden offers you competent medical staff in all fields. Hirslanden hospitals are actively committed to training and research in order to meet the highest quality standards in medicine – each and every day.

As a Hirslanden Préférence patient, you benefit from special medical services and enjoy simple, quick access to medical specialists and medical examinations.


The nurses who work for the Hirslanden Group not only possess expertise patients can count on – they treat their patients with compassion. The hospital team makes time to respond to the personal concerns of every patient.

The nurses are specialists Hirslanden Préférence patients can trust and talk to – an added value during their hospital stay.

Hotel services

The Hirslanden Group attaches great importance to treating each patient as an individual – starting the moment they are admitted to the hospital: Our Guest Relations staff will greet you when you arrive at the Hirslanden hospital and are here to look after you personally during your stay. Do you have any questions or requests? The hotel services staff is always here to assist you.


When you arrive at a Hirslanden hospital, you can expect high-quality food with a well-balanced and wide variety. Our chefs always cook with the freshest, high-quality ingredients with a focus on seasonal and local products.

Cooperation partners

We strive to ensure you feel at ease not just during your hospital stay, but after you leave as well. So we’ve selected some special partners who offer products and services to support Hirslanden Préférence patients as they continue to recover at home.

Take advantage of your benefits and discounts from Amavita, coop@home, Louis Widmer and Qwell by Valser.


Hirslanden Préférence offers semi-privately insured patients like you a whole range of attractive, high-quality and, most importantly, useful additional medical care services during your hospital stay.

To make sure you always know when and which services are available to you, we have put together a comprehensive list of all services for each individual hospital. That way, you will know before your hospital stay which extra benefits you can expect.

Patient Journey