To improve patient safety in surgery, we apply the «Safe Surgery Saves Lives» concept within the Hirslanden Group and ensure the necessary accompanying measures are implemented. The concept includes, among other things, the use of the Safe Surgery checklist from the Swiss Patient Safety Foundation.

The Hirslanden Group has been applying the «Safe Surgery Saves Lives» concept to improve patient safety in surgery and prevent serious incidents since 2009. 

The Safe Surgery checklist forms part of the concept. It was published by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2009, adapted for Switzerland by the Swiss Patient Safety Foundation in 2012 and spread across Switzerland as part of the «progress! Safe surgery» (2013 – 2015) programme. It was declared the industry standard with the Safe Surgery Charter.

With the Safe Surgery checklist, we ensure, among other things, that patient misidentification can be prevented, preoperative examinations (e.g. laboratory, ECG, X-ray) are available, the intervention takes place on the correct side of the body and the right instruments and right implant are present during the surgery.

The observance of the Safe Surgery checklist in our hospitals is verified each year by unannounced visits.

"Safe Surgery" training film by the Swiss Patient Safety Foundation: