Thanks to modern technologies, radiotherapy is becoming more precise, i.e. more effective and more gentle. Radiotherapy is a collective term for a host of different irradiation methods. Thus, percutaneous radiotherapy, intraoperative radiotherapy, brachytherapy or Cyberknife can be used, for example.

The importance of x-rays in the treatment of tumours and other skin conditions was established just one year after this technology was discovered by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. Ionising radiation was first used to treat a human in 1896 in Vienna. Since then, radiotherapy – in addition to surgery and chemotherapy – has become one of the three cornerstones in the treatment of tumours.

Also known as radio-oncology, it is one of the most important methods in the treatment of cancer. It makes use of certain types of radiation to destroy tumours or diseased cells which could develop into tumours.

Each cancer is assessed individually and treated with the appropriate equipment. Thanks to the ultra-modern infrastructure at the Institutes for Radiotherapy in Aarau, Lausanne, Männedorf and Zurich, our doctors and physicists are able to develop a tailor-made course of treatment for each patient.