A cancer diagnosis is always a shock for the patient and their relatives, and can affect all aspects of the person’s life and the lives of those around them. The disease affects their daily routines and can also impact their social life. A temporary absence from work is usually unavoidable. So it is all the more important to try and improve the person’s quality of life wherever possible. Exercise, sport, good nutrition and social contact all play an important role.

Exercise and Sport

If the patient is physically capable, regular exercise and sport can reduce the disease's accompanying symptoms and the side effects of the treatment. Physical activity also alleviates constant fatigue and increases a person’s confidence and lust for life. Sport and exercise have a positive effect on the body’s own defences. Exercising with other cancer patients can provide extra motivation and an important opportunity for social interaction.


Nutrition also has a major influence on well-being and quality of life. Eating the right quantities of different nutrients can aid the cancer therapy and subsequent rehabilitation. A personalised diet can help to counteract any potential loss of appetite, mitigate the side effects of the therapy, strengthen the immune system and promote wound healing. Cancer sometimes makes it necessary for patients to change their eating habits, depending on the type of cancer, how far the disease has progressed and their general state of health. It is worth seeking nutritional advice about the specific needs of cancer patients.


Our partnerships reflect our commitment to the treatment of cancer. By collaborating with various organisations we can access valuable information about research and development, as well as the latest medical findings and requirements – all of which benefits our patients.

Swiss Cancer League (website only available in German, French and Italian)



Our affiliated doctors, employees and other partners regularly organise events at the Hirslanden Hospitals on topics related to cancer.

You are welcome to attend.

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