Besides cultural, educational and social projects, we are also committed to sport and movement. With our 18 hospitals and broad network of contacts, we are in a position to provide first-class medical care.

Ball sports

BSC Young Boys 
Hirslanden Salem-Spital is an official Stade de Suisse partner and has been supporting the Young Boys at their home games since 2005.

FC Aegeri

FC Aegeri is working hard to make a positive mark in Ägerital through innovation strength, social commitment and fair sport. Hirslanden AndreasKlinik Cham Zug is its main sponsor.
FC Bethlehem 
The Hirslanden Klinik Permanence provides medical information as a partner of the club’s organising committee. 
FC Köniz 
The Hirslanden Klinik Permanence is a silver sponsor of the largest club in the municipality of Köniz.
FC Luzern Hirslanden Klinik St. Anna has been supporting FC Luzern as its medical partner since 2007.
FC Schaffhausen Hirslanden Klinik Belair has been providing medical services to the iconic Schaffhausen football club for several years. The players benefit from the hospital's wide range of medical services and can, if necessary, also use its preventive care services.
FC St.Gallen 1879 Hirslanden Klinik Am Rosenberg is the official medical partner of FC St.Gallen. Both the players in the top team and those in the U21 team are cared for by physiotherapists and massage therapists.

HC Kadetten Schaffhausen

Hirslanden Klinik Belair supports the successful handball players of Kadetten Schaffhausen as medical partner. The hospital makes its medical know-how available to the professional players as well as to the club's large junior division.
HC Kriens The top team of Handballclub Kriens places its trust in Hirslanden Klinik St. Anna as medical partner.
HC Kriens Young Dragons Through its financial support of the HCK Young Dragons, Hirslanden St. Anna sponsors young talent at the Handballclub Kriens.
TSV Fortitudo Gossau
Hirslanden Klinik Stephanshorn, Hirslanden Klinik Am Rosenberg and Orthopädie St.Gallen support the handball club in Gossau as medical partners and main sponsors.
TSV St. Otmar
Together with Orthopädie St. Gallen, Hirslanden's two hospitals in eastern Switzerland, Klinik Am Rosenberg and Klinik Stephanshorn, are the medical partners of the handball club TSV St. Otmar.
HSC Suhr Aarau
The Hirslanden Klinik Aarau is supports the successful HSC Suhr handball team. The hospital’s medical expertise is available to all the players.

Servette Rugby Club de Genève

Hirslanden's Clinique La Colline supports the Geneva rugby club with medical services.

TC Cholfirst

La Hirslanden Klinik Belair soutient les championnats de tennis de Schaffhouse.
TC Lido Hirslanden Klinik St. Anna supports Tennisclub Luzern Lido with advertising and as medical partner.
TS Volley Düdingen 
Praxiszentrum Düdingen supports TS Volley Düdingen and is a medical partner of the Power Cats players in the national A league.

VBC Voléro Zürich

Hirslanden Klinik in Zurich supports the Voléro Volleyball club as medical partner.
VC Kanti La Hirslanden Klinik Belair est partenaire médical du club de volley-ball VC Kanti.
Volley Schönenwerd 
The Hirslanden Klinik Aarau is a proud partner of the Volley Schönenwerd volleyball club. The players in the top team and the other teams enjoy access to physiotherapy and training at the hospital. 


Ice hockey    

EHC Schaffhausen

EHC Schaffhausen is trying to raise the profile of the sport of ice hockey in public and show spectators this fascinating sport. Hirslanden Klinik Belair supports EHC Schaffhausen as medical partner.
Genève-Servette Hockey Club Hirslanden Clinique La Colline is the official medical partner of the Geneva hockey club.
Lausanne HC The Lausanne Hockey Club receives medical care from our two hospitals in Lausanne, Hirslanden's Clinique Bois-Cerf and Clinique Cecil as official medical partners.
SCL Tigers 
The Salem-Spital is a medical partner of the SCL Tigers.
HC Thurgau Together with Orthopädie St. Gallen, Hirslanden Klinik Am Rosenberg is the medical partner of Hockey Thurgau.

UHC Waldkirch-St.Gallen

Together with Medbase St.Gallen, Hirslanden Klinik Stephanshorn is as medical partner for the Eastern Switzerland floorball club.
Floorball Köniz

Hirslanden Klinik Permanence is the medical partner of the club Floorball Köniz.


Aargau Marathon

Hirslanden Klinik Aarau supported this event as presenting partner.
Ascension Day Run St.Gallen As medical partner, Hirslanden Klinik Stephanshorn is responsible for providing medical care at the Ascension Day Run St.Gallen.
Lucerne City Run 
As medical partner of the Luzerner Stadtlauf, Hirslanden's Klinik St. Anna is on-site with its doctors during the race.

Water sports


Lucerne Regatta

Hirslanden Klinik St. Anna has been the medical partner of the Lucerne Regatta since 2008.

Double You Team

Hirslanden Clinique La Colline is the official partner of the Double You Team sailing team.
Water polo    

Wasserball SC Schaffhausen

Hirslanden Klinik Belair serves as the medical partner for Wasserball SC Schaffhausen.


Bikefestival Basel

Hirslanden Klinik Birshof is a proud sponsoring partner of the largest cycling event in northwestern Switzerland, Bikefestival Basel.
RMV Cham-Hagendorn
RMV Cham-Hagendorn was founded in 1934 and now has around 200 members. Its goal is to promote cycling and its various segments from youth development to racing, through to popular sport. Hirslanden AndreasKlinik Cham Zug is the medical partner of the RMV cycling club in Canton Zug.

Winter sport

Ostschweizer Skiverband OSSV As medical partners and main sponsors, Hirslanden Klinik Stephanshorn and Hirslanden Klinik Am Rosenberg, along with Orthopädie St.Gallen support the eastern Switzerland Ski Association.

Fitness and weight training

Gsünder Basel

Hirslanden Klinik Birshof has been involved in Gsünder Basel's "Aktiv!  Im Sommer" project for several years now.
Super10Kampf The Super10Kampf is one of the annual discussion events organised by Stiftung Schweizer Sporthilfe. Klinik Hirslanden in Zurich is the medical partner for the event.