The practical companion. The changing backpack offers plenty of storage space and ensures that you have a good overview of the contents thanks to the large opening. With its many different useful inner and outer compartments, you can stow away all your important gear without any difficulty. The two fastening hooks included make it easy to attach the changing backpack to the pram, leaving your hands free. Together with our partners, we have filled the backpack with many useful and valuable items – everything that new parents will need.

FAQs to the Baby-Bag

Receiving the Baby-Bag

Who is the Baby-Bag given to?

The Baby-Bag is given to all mothers who have had a baby at one of the Hirslanden hospitals and are semi-privately or privately insured. 


Why have I not received a Baby-Bag even though I upgraded to semi-private or private?

There are different types of upgrades. Therefore the benefits may be limited to just the room upgrade – without additional benefits. In case you select a complete upgrade package, the Baby-Bag is included. To see the specific benefits available, please contact your chosen hospital.  


Where can one buy the Baby-Bag?

The Baby-Bag is our gift to mothers in the maternity ward who are semi-privately or privately insured and therefore the Bag is not for sale. From the comfort of your home, you can easily order our "Ernie" patterned cloth or the mascot  "Ernest" in our online shop.


Can you wash the Baby-Bag?

The Baby-Bag is easy-care and can be hand-washed. We do not recommend that you put the Baby-Bag into the washing machine. 



What is in the Baby-Bag?

We have filled the Baby-Bag with useful everyday products in cooperation with our partners. Have a pleasant surprise!