Cord blood

Cord blood is irreplaceable. During pregnancy you should already be thinking about what will happen with the cord blood of your child after the birth. It is too precious to be thrown away, as it contains many valuable stem cells.

In injuries and illnesses, stem cells can repair and heal. These self-healing mechanisms occur daily in the body. To make use of this principle in regenerative medicine, vital stem cells have to be acquired.

The younger the stem cells, the larger their healing potential. Especially young stem cells can be found in cord blood. This is why cord blood is so crucial for the medicine of the future.

Already today, stem cells from the umbilical cord are used successfully for the treatment of various illnesses. Later, when your child is grown up, there will be additional uses. In regenerative medicine especially, stem cells will play an important role because of the extraordinary capacity of these cells to repair the body.

Extracting cord blood after the birth is simple, safe and painless for both mother and child. However, the decision to extract and preserve the cord blood has to be made before birth.

Extracting cord blood is offered by all Hirslanden birth clinics in Aarau, Berne, Cham, Lausanne, Lucerne, Schaffhausen and Zurich. Hirslanden clinics work exclusively (except Clinique Cecil) with specialist Vita 34.