You are on the verge of an extraordinary event – the birth of your child, whom you have carried under your heart for the last nine months. In a matter of hours, your hopes and fears will be a thing of the past as you hold your newborn child in your arms.

The following signs indicate that you are going into labour:

  • Regular, frequently occurring contractions
  • Release of amniotic fluid
  • Potential passing of a mucus plug

Now the time has come to contact your chosen maternity hospital. Following admission to the clinic, a doctor or midwife will discuss with you the course of your pregnancy, your contractions and the birth procedure. Do not hesitate to mention (once again) at this point your personal wishes and ideas concerning childbirth positions and relief of pain.

If you have chosen to give birth at Hirslanden or at another private hospital, a midwife will contact your gynaecologist to inform her or him of the impending birth. Until your gynaecologist arrives, you will be cared for by a midwife.

Naturally, your partner is more than welcome to be present at the birth.