As a father, you have a whole range of duties: you are counsellor, taxi driver, provider, house husband, personal assistant, porter, and much more. What you need to keep in mind when your wife and baby come home.

When your baby comes home

Model father that you are, you surely remembered to bring a child seat when you picked up your wife and child from the hospital. Don’t forget to stock the refrigerator and pantry with plenty of food, so that you don’t have to make a big shopping run right after you arrive home. Your partner will also be appreciative if you get everything in order before arriving home. That way, you can start to fully enjoy the time together as a family right away. 

Strengthening the bond with your child

  • Bonding is key. Hold your baby as frequently and as close to your body as possible.
  • Change the baby’s nappy, talk to and play with them, snuggle with them.
  • Lie next to your baby while they are sleeping or should be sleeping. They will notice your presence then, too.

Why do babies cry?

Babies cry for many reasons. They might be hungry or thirsty, too hot or cold, bored, need their nappy changed or in pain. You will soon notice that your wife, who will often spend more time and is more familiar with the baby, can therefore recognise faster why the baby is crying than you can. So don’t let this get you down. Be patient and soon you, too, will be able to figure out more quickly why your baby is crying. 

How to calm down your baby

  • Take the baby in your arms.
  • Rock the baby in your arms.
  • Try calming your baby down by talking to them.
  • Put them in the baby sling and take a short walk.