Would you like to know what awaits you and your baby every week? Find out in our pregnancy calendar. Click on the relevant pregnancy trimester to get information about your pregnancy and the growth of your baby. Read more about your baby's current phase of development and what changes your body is experiencing at the moment.

Generally, pregnancy lasts for a period of 40 weeks, counting from the first day of your last menstruation. In other words, fertilization does not take place until the third week of pregnancy (depending on the time of ovulation).

Your baby is the size of this fruit…

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Overview of weeks and months of pregnancy

Pregnancy weeks
Pregnancy month
Week 1 to 4 1st month
Week 5 to 8 2nd month
Week 9 to 12 3rd month
Week 13 to 16 4th month
Week 17 to 20 5th month
Week 21 to 24 6th month
Week 25 to 28 7th month
Week 29 to 32 8th month
Week 33 to 36 9th month
Week 37 to 40/41 10th month