During pregnancy, your body undergoes many changes that are not always pleasant. What helps alleviate pregnancy-related complaints, such as nausea, bloating or heavy legs?

Nausea and vomiting

  • Eat frequent light meals spread throughout the day
  • Before you get out of bed, eat something small (e.g. dry biscuits, bread, tea) to counteract morning sickness


  • Eat frequent small meals spread throughout the day
  • In the evening, eat no later than two hours before going to bed and during the day do not lie down directly after eating
  • Avoid fatty and sugary food
  • Avoid drinks containing caffeine
  • Eat protein with every meal 
  • Drink a lot of water between meals, but don’t drink while eating
  • Some of our hospitals also offer acupuncture, which can help to reduce both heartburn and nausea


  • Drink at least two litres of water each day, but ideally not carbonated water
  • Eat foods that are high in fibre: whole grain products, (raw) vegetables, fruit, legumes 
  • Mix some linseeds into your muesli or salad
  • Avoid bananas, rice, chocolate and products made from white flour
  • Regular physical activity
  • Drink a glass of lukewarm water on an empty stomach in the morning; this will stimulate your digestive system

Flatulence and bloating

  • Avoid foods that are difficult to digest, such as types of cabbage, leek, garlic, onions and legumes or even asparagus
  • Avoid strongly carbonated drinks
  • Fennel, aniseed and caraway tea can provide some relief
  • Eat slowly and calmly

And the same applies here too: eat more frequently throughout the day, but have smaller meals


  • Treat yourself to frequent rest and relaxation, your body is currently going through major changes
  • A balanced and healthy diet will strengthen your body’s own defences
  • Regularly take long walks
  • Attend yoga classes for pregnant women or consult our yoga guide for advice on the first yoga exercises

Need to urinate

  •  Do not let your bladder become completely full – go to the toilet frequently
  • Targeted exercises for the pelvic floor muscles
  • Wearing panty liners will give you peace of mind

Heavy and/or tired legs

  • Massaging your legs with a cooling gel can provide significant relief; let your partner do this for you
  • Walks or short bike rides promote blood flow through your veins and will strengthen your calves