Nordic walking is a gentle form of exercise for the whole body. It is the perfect way to stay fit and healthy if you enjoy walking outdoors and are looking for a low-impact work out. Walking with poles works out your whole body without putting excessive strain on your joints.

The movement increases your oxygen intake, strengthens your immune system and loosens up your shoulders and back. Midwives have observed that pregnant women are more aware of their bodies and their breathing, which can also help them during labour.

However, it is not a good idea to just head out and start walking with poles. The wrong walking technique could cause long-lasting problems with your joints or pelvic floor. So it’s worth walking with a trainer, or asking your midwife for information about the correct technique.


Important tips for Nordic walking:


• First ask your gynaecologist whether Nordic walking is suitable for you

• Wear comfortable sportswear

• Get a pair of sturdy shoes and walking poles

• Only walk on well-maintained paths

• Check your pulse with a heart rate monitor (don’t exceed 120!)

• If you don’t feel well: immediately stop walking