Week 31 The brain can control important bodily functions

Your child's brain is now so well developed that it can control the baby's breathing, food consumption and body temperature. These are important requirements for the baby to be able to live outside the uterus. However, it will take some time until all the regions of the brain are fully developed.

The baby is continuing to train its muscles with slower but more vigorous movements. In most cases, it is already lying with its head facing down, and is ready to soon drop into the pelvis. 

You may now experience increased false labour contractions (Braxton Hicks contractions or practice contractions). In comparison to the later birth pains, the cervix does not open during these contractions. Four to five false labour contractions per hour are not unusual and are no reason to become concerned. Rather your body is now indicating that you need peace and quiet

31st week of pregnancy

The foetus in week 31. It is very cramped in the uterus. The child is lying with its head facing down.