Week 32 Hiccups teach your baby to breathe

In this time, your baby has put on considerable weight and now weighs around 1800 g. Most babies put on approx. 150 g to 200 g per week from this time onwards. This is why it is getting more cramped in your uterus now and the baby's movements are being further limited. It often sucks on its thumbs or pulls faces for this reason. It is likely that its hiccups will gain in strength now. This is important breathing training for your baby. The rhythmic twitches can also be seen externally on your abdominal wall. The baby's fingernails have grown and cover the nail bed. Hair can already be seen on some babies in the ultrasound.

Your doctor will probably test you for Hepatitis B in this week. In this way, even a long-standing unnoticed infection can be ruled out. It is important that your child is not exposed to any risk of infection during birth.

From this point, your doctor will ask you to attend a medical check-up every two weeks.

32nd week of pregnancy

The foetus in week 32. It is very cramped in the uterus. The child's movements are extremely restricted.