Travelling during pregnancy

It is generally quite possible to travel during your pregnancy. You can also fly. If you are planning a flight, you should get confirmation from your doctor that there are no risks of a premature birth.

We recommend that you wear support stocking during the flight. You should also drink sufficient fluid and walk around approx. once an hour (thrombosis prophylaxis). The majority of airlines require you to have a special permit ("medical clearance", IATA 1986) from the 36th week of pregnancy.

Take regular breaks during longer trips. Your reaction time may decrease over the course of your pregnancy. In this case, it is better to let someone get behind the wheel.

You should observe the following criteria when selecting your holiday destination:

  • Unfamiliar climates and high temperatures put additional strain on your circulation during pregnancy.
  • Oxygen levels in the mountains decrease at elevations of 2500 metres or more above sea level.
  • Clarify whether your health insurance provider covers medical care at your holiday destination of choice.