Childproofing your home

When the newborn comes home, there is not much to worry about during the first few months – until the little one starts to crawl. Then it will be time for the little creature to start discovering the “whole” world: your home.

Babies like to put everything in their mouths. That means that in every room you need to look for objects that can cause children to choke. Not quite sure what’s safe? It’s quite simple: if it’s small enough to pass through the cardboard tube in a roll of toilet paper, then it’s small enough for your baby to choke on.


Hang a towel over the top edge of doors to keep them from closing on your baby’s little fingers.


Do not place any pieces of furniture in places where small children can climb up on them to the windows. 

Garage door

Mount a sensor to your garage door that prevents the door from closing when there is something under it.


Put a safety gate at the top and bottom of all staircases.


Plastic bags

Place plastic bags out of the reach of children, because they can suffocate in them. 


Chairs and stools

Make sure not place these near the cooker in order to keep your little ones from climbing up on it. 



Many household plants are poisonous, which is why they should be placed out of the reach of children. Place the plants on a sturdy stool, sideboard, or in a conservatory you can close off. 


Curtain tiebacks and pullcords, cables

These are dangerous, because they can become wound around your child’s neck. Shorten the pullcords and use metal curtain tiebacks that are screwed to the wall. Make sure there are no electrical cords (TV, refrigerator, etc.) lying about.

Bathroom and toilet

The bathroom door should always be kept closed to prevent your child from falling into the toilet. Once again, keep toiletries and cleaning products out of reach. Reorganise your cabinets a bit: toilet paper can be placed on the bottom shelf; cleaning products can be placed a few shelves higher.

Handbags and briefcases

These contain all kinds of “weapons” and hazards: tweezers, perfume, pepper spray, aspirin or even flash drives. Keep your bags in a closed cabinet.

Fragile items and lamps

Whenever possible, keep these completely out of reach, because no matter whether they are elevated or free-standing, they can fall on your infant.


The food bowl, water bowl and litterbox are tempting toys. The only solution here is, once again: place them out of reach.