Hirslanden Baby-Bag


Did you know that the word canvas stands for sails? So it is the ideal cotton material for our Baby-Bag*, which should be a useful item accompanying you on your adventure journey in the next months.

The Baby-Bag has a generously-sized interior with lots of storage space, very practical for active parents with children, at home and while travelling. Together with our partners we filled the bag with lots of useful and valuable items to help you in your daily routine. We have taken special care to see that the Hirslanden Baby-Bag is not only practical but also very fashionable and chic. Ideal for the modern, active and self-confident parents of today.

*The Baby-Bag is our gift to mothers of newborn children in our semi-private and private Maternity Wards. Please obtain more information at your Hirslanden clinic.

FAQs to the Baby-Bag

Receiving the Baby-Bag

The Baby-Bag is given to all mothers who have had a baby at one of the eight Hirslanden clinics and are semi-privately or privately insured. 


There are different types of upgrades. Therefore the benefits may be limited to just the room upgrade – without additional benefits. In case you select a complete upgrade package, the Baby-Bag is included. To see the specific benefits available, please contact your chosen clinic.  

Basic insurance

This varies from maternity clinic to maternity clinic. Often those with basic insurance are given a baby cap or a travel bag which can be used for the baby's personal items.

Not available for purchase

The Baby-Bag is our gift to mothers in the maternity ward who are semi-privately or privately insured and therefore the Bag is not for sale. From the comfort of your home, you can easily order our "Ernie" patterned cloth or the "Ernest" online.


Our canvas Baby-Bag can be washed at 30°C. The material is easy-care and water-repellent. However, we do recommend that the Baby-Bag be washed with an impregnating detergent in order to keep its water-repellent property.



We have filled the Baby-Bag with useful everyday products in cooperation with our partners. Have a pleasant surprise!