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Aptamil follow-on formula is Nr. 1 in Switzerland*, and at the top of research and innovation. Aptamil is inspired by the model of breast milk and fulfills the nutritional requirements of your baby with a complete range of infant milk. On aptaclub.ch, you will find valuable tips and tools around pregnancy, breastfeeding and from the baby stage to a toddler.

Important note: Breastfeeding is ideal for your child. The WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding during the first 6 months. Seek advice from a health care professional, if your child needs additional food or if you are not breastfeeding.

*Source: Nielsen + IMS follow-on formula, marketshare in value, Swiss retail and detail commerce, current year jan-apr. 2017


elmex® is the most recommended toothpaste brand in Swiss dental practices. The brand stands out due to its highest quality and scientifically proven efficacy of the specially designed products to protect the dental hard tissues. Especially for the protection of the primary teeth elmex Kinderzahnpasta (childrens toothpaste) with highly effective amine fluoride is recommended. elmex® - There is nothing better for your teeth!  


filetti sensitiveis a laundry detergent specifically designed for children’s tender skin. filetti sensitive has been dermatologically tested and approved as very skin-friendly. Instead of enzymes and dyestuffs, filetti sensitive contains a high proportion of pure soap and skin-friendly perfume oils. filetti sensitive – wash clothes sensitively and intelligently: for the sake of your child!



MAM launched in 1976. Its vision is to offer high-quality baby items that combine good design, functionality and medical expertise. MAM products fulfill the highest standards because the focus is always on meeting the needs of parents and their children. MAM's premium products are now the market leaders in many countries. In Switzerland, MAM is the biggest-selling brand of baby soothers and baby bottles (source: IMS/Nielsen 06.2017).


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To understand the needs of mothers and the behaviour of babies we work closely with leading specialists in the field of breastfeeding and lactation. Our core competence is to help mothers breastfeed and pump their breastmilk. We offer a complete range of products for breastfeeding mothers based on many years of research, know-how, innovation and professionalism.



Pampers is the leading manufacturer of nappies and babycare products. Through intensive research and collaboration with experts, the brand continuously develops products and services that meet babies’ needs – for example, Pampers New Baby, our best nappy for newborns’ soft stools, or new Pampers Baby-Dry with improved night-time absorption. Our scientists also focus on the sustainability of materials and packaging. Pampers has been winning over mothers and fathers in Europe with its innovative, high quality products for 40 years.

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Our Cooperations

Foundation Folic Acid Switzerland

The "Foundation Folic Acid Switzerland" is dedicated to closing the gap in folic acid intake. If all people were to be provided with sufficient folic acid, the congenital malformation known as ‘spina bifida’ as well as numerous illnesses in adults would occur more infrequently.


wir eltern – is Switzerland’s leading magazine for mothers and fathers. Subscribe to “wir eltern” and take advantage of special reader discounts every month and of our free professional advice service.


babymag.ch is the Swiss magazine for young parents. It covers all aspects right from pregnancy up to 6 years of age. You will find editorials, reports, surveys, interviews with specialists in German- and French-speaking Switzerland, competitions, comparative tests, practical tips, articles on furnishings/decoration, fashion, travel tips, culinary titbits, etc.