What pregnancy-related services are covered by basic health insurance? And when is it advisable to take out supplementary insurance? Answers to these questions and more information on properly insuring yourself for pregnancy.

Health insurance

In accordance with the Health Insurance Act (KVG), your health insurer will pay for the care provided by your medical specialist and the midwife. Specifically, this includes the following services:

  • seven check-ups
  • for high-risk pregnancies these check-ups can be repeated if necessary; a cardiotocography examination is also carried out for high-risk pregnancies
  • two ultrasound examinations: the first takes place between weeks 11 – 14 and the second between weeks 20 – 23
  • additional ultrasound examinations may be carried out for high-risk pregnancies if this is deemed necessary by the gynaecologist
  • medication, therapeutic products and surgical dressings
  • your health insurance company contributes CHF 100 towards group antenatal classes provided by a midwife

Basic health insurance covers the costs of childbirth and your stay in the public part of the postnatal ward of a public hospital in your canton of residence. Basic insurance also includes a follow-up examination of your baby between six to ten weeks after the birth, as well as three breastfeeding consultations with qualified medical professionals.

For normal pregnancies, births and postnatal care, you do not have to pay any excess. However there will be out-of-pocket expenses if there are complications, risks or in the case of a miscarriage, as these are treated as medical expenses.

Supplementary health insurance

If you have supplementary hospital insurance (semi-private, private), you can give birth at a hospital of your choice. You will have a single or twin room and your personal gynaecologist will look after you during the birth and the postnatal period.

However it is possible to give birth at a Hirslanden hospital if you do not have supplementary insurance. Most of our maternity units offer patients with basic health insurance the opportunity to upgrade and receive a wide range of special services.

Extra costs incurred due to complications or risks during the pregnancy are not subject to the same conditions.

Some health insurers have a waiting period for pregnancy and childbirth. That means that the related costs will only be covered after a period of between nine months and two years. So if you would like to benefit from the advantages of supplementary health insurance, remember to purchase it well in advance before you become pregnant.

And last but not least: some health insurance companies require you to register your child before it is born, or up to three months after the birth at the latest. This is the only way to ensure that any medical costs will be covered from day one.

Find out more about our offerings for patients with supplementary insurance: Hirslanden Privé for privately insured and Hirslanden Préférence for semi-privately insured patients.

International (supplementary) insurance

International supplementary hospital insurance allows you to give birth in a clinic of your choice. You will be accommodated in a single or double room, and will be cared for by your personal gynaecologist both during the birth and on the postnatal ward.

Some health insurance companies require a grace period for pregnancy and childbirth, meaning that the associated costs will only be covered after a certain period of time, from nine months up to two years. If you want to benefit from supplementary insurance, remember to take it out in plenty of time before pregnancy.

And last but not least: some health insurance companies require you to register your child before they are born, or three months after the birth at the latest, in order to cover all possible expenses from their very first day.

The Hirslanden International team will be happy to provide you with an explanation of the services available to you at a Hirslanden clinic. Please contact us.

More information for international patients can be found here.