Gastroenterologists and abdominal surgeons with different practice locations work together very closely at the Gastrointestinal Center at Hirslanden Klinik Aarau. We attend and treat you personally and individually for intestinal disorders.

Our specialists meet at a tumour board to discuss the best possible plan for treatment. The expanded team also includes specialists for medical oncology, radiotherapy and radiology as well as nutritionists and specialised stoma and wound care nurses.

One of the Gastrointestinal Center's areas of focus is the prevention, early detection and treatment of bowel cancer. For people over 50 and persons at risk, a regular colonoscopy can save lives. Other areas of focus include diverticula, that is, bulging pouches in the digestive tract. They can become infected and cause further problems (diverticulitis). Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are chronic inflammatory bowel diseases that often lead to stomach pain or diarrhoea.

Gastrointestinal Center
Hirslanden Klinik Aarau
CH-5001 Aarau