Forward-looking technologies in cosy sorroundings

The equipment used at the Institute for Radiotherapy is entirely oriented towards the well-being of the patients. The Institute uses the most modern radiotherapy equipment from leading manufacturers. In unique architectural surroundings, we use the most modern types of planning and therapy, such as virtual simulations and intensity-modulated radiotherapy.

Radiotherapy treatment

The Institute for Radiotherapy offers all types of treatment from percutaneous radiotherapy and palliative emergency radiotherapy to high-precision, low volume, hyperfractionation therapy with IMRT (intensity-modulated radiotherapy). Particularly important is the targeting and reproducibility of daily radiation. The “on-board imaging” system, used for all patients, provides a tool which permits the routine use of IGRT (image-guided radiotherapy), making the planning and implementation of daily radiation treatment even more precise. Including brachytherapy, the Institute for Radiotherapy offers the full range therapies of a modern, large radiotherapy unit.


The term “Brachy” comes from the Greek word “brachys” (short) and means that radiation sources are placed directly in tumour tissue or the organ containing the tumour. The radiation source is therefore only a short distance from the tumour and can subject it to a high dose of radiation, without damaging the organ itself or the surrounding organs.