About 90-members works together with our radiologists and a specialist in radiology and nuclear medicine to ensure skilled, professional, personal care for our patients. The continuing education and training of doctors and staff guarantees the high quality of medical services.

We employ professionals from the following sectors:

  • FMTRA (medical technical radiology specialist)
  • Medical secretaries
  • MPA (medical practice assistant)
  • IT and organisation
  • Patient care
  • Couriers
  • Porters

We are happy to assist you in all administrative matters.

Katja Wunderlich

Head of the Radiology Service Centre

Stefan Steiger

Head of Services Department

Bianca Gilly

Head of MTRA Radiology

Remus van Pelt

Head of MTRA Radiology

Claudia Gollong

Functional responsibility MR/Training supervisor Radiologie

Katrin Borrer

Functional responsibility general radiography, fluoroscopy and urology

Otavio Nogueira dos Santos

Functional responsibility MR

Annette Mauel

Team leader Mammography/DEXA (bone densitometry)/ultrasound

Ana Durrer

Functional responsibility computed tomography/training supervisor radiology

Monika Kandziora

Training supervisor/Team leader nuclear medicine