The peaceful atmosphere in our state-of-the-art designed maternity unit will help you to feel at ease. The midwife will check how your labour is progressing and provide you with active assistance. You can safely place yourself in her hands and concentrate fully on the birth. Your doctor of choice has overall responsibility. He and the midwife will take care of you during the birth process. Your partner or selected support person is most welcome to be present during the birth.

More relaxation, less pain

Be it a soothing compress, a loosening massage, calming aromatherapy or targeted acupuncture to relieve labour pain and to help you relax, we offer you many naturopathic remedies during the birth. If required, conventional pain relief is also available. An anaesthetist is on duty round the clock and can also administer a PDA (epidural anaesthesia) at any time. If one-on-one midwife care can be guaranteed, we also offer you patient-controlled analgesia (Remifentanil PCA).

If required, you may register for an anaesthesia consultation on T +41 44 387 22 99. Please contact us in good time.

Bonding – the first moments together

The time after the birth belongs to you, your partner and your newborn baby. The first hours after the delivery are very important for you and your baby. The midwife will encourage bonding between you and your baby, and assist you with breastfeeding. Your newborn baby recognises your heartbeat, your smell and your voice. He/she receives warmth and security from skin contact. The unique relationship between baby, mother and father is forged during this sensitive phase.


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